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HP Fanart at TWH

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Saturday, December 24th, 2005
11:17 pm

Lots and lots of booty posted in my journal, here.

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Friday, November 18th, 2005
11:09 pm - Late booty!

OK, so I finally got a chance to borrow my parents's scanner (I am SO lacking in proper computer equipment right now! *tear*) and want to share with you all my gifted art from the Witching Hour! WOOO!

Arty-art art art...Collapse )

Whee! I scored some great art, though there are a few fan artists that got away from me this time. It shant happen again. Hehehe...

Please pardon the spastic scanning/resizing. I'm working with very basic/poor tools right now and this is the best I could get. Bah.

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
8:49 pm - Delta's Witching Hour Fan Art!

Okay--not dead, just keeping snapetoy out of trouble having a lovely time hosting snapetoy for the last leg of her Whirlwind American Tour. Here's the lovely art I got at The Witching Hour--have I said how much I love fan artists? ♥ fanartists. Thanks to swtalmnd for the scans!

Click For the Fan ArtCollapse )

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
1:59 pm - Negative images of femininity in the popular Harriet Potter series

On Friday morning at TWH, story645 and I did a tongue-in-cheek panel in which we lightly mocked cries of "sexism" directed at HP ("How can all of these women be reading a story about a boy?") by positing that all of the genders were switched, and then making the exact same complaints. I asked my f-list if anyone was willing to make us some visual aids, so I give you dastardly sexist chapter-heading pics, MGP as re-envisioned by akilika, doomandnachos and rabidtolkienfan just for TWH.

In which Harriet jumps in fear from nothing but a shadow... and a fake shadow at that!Collapse )

Wouldn't you know--a female hero just HAS to be shown looking faint and sicklyCollapse )

Rhona looks on worshipfully while confident Herman does magicCollapse )

Thanks to all of them--the art looked great, and really provided a good reference point for the panel.

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Monday, October 17th, 2005
11:01 pm - An Italian!Blaise/Seamus Pic (sort of) By Fiendling

Sorry this took so long for me to put up!!! But at last here it is in all it's potentially slashy glory, Italian!Blaise and Seamus on the brink of a duel in the prefect's bathroom - gifted to me by the most talented and awesome fiendling.

Pic and a little bit about it under the cut.Collapse )

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5:28 pm - drabble for meee

anjenue wrote this for me while I was slaving at the sketchbooth. It was a nice surprise! Yay (:

Ron/Lucius written by rosesanguinaCollapse )

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2:34 pm - Pretty Ron

Eeeeee one of the coolest things in TWH was coming upon a rather lost and tired looking marmaduke01 during the Fanartist RoR night. She was lovely enough to bring along some drawings of HP characters she had done, and even more lovely enough to give them to people who wanted them. I was sekritly coveting the Ron, and she, like. Gave him to me. She knew, she knew!

Thanks so much, babe. It's too cool for words.

Ronnie the BearCollapse )

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11:10 am - Snape & Dumbledore from HBP by waccawheels

I finally got around to scanning this. waccawheels drew me a fantastic sketch of the scene atop the Astronomy Tower in HBP. ♥

Snape gazed for a moment at Dumbledore ...Collapse )

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Sunday, October 16th, 2005
11:27 pm - Sirius/Remus Art

So I was very lucky to have stalked come in contact with artists while at TWH. I received 5 sketches and they look amazing framed and hung on my wall. Thank you to all the artists for taking the time to create these beautiful works for me. This has also been cross-posted to my LJ w/comments.

I hope you love the art as much as I do.

(I came up with the titles, artist not to blame for my lack of imagination.)

Comic book S/R by TBranchCollapse )

Young S/R by WaccawheelsCollapse )

Young S/R by CathybitesCollapse )

Post Hogwarts/Pre Azkaban S/R by NimoriCollapse )

S/R in Grimmauld Place by GlockgalCollapse )

Thanks again, to all the artist for their beautiful work, I'm so not worthy.

Glock you are amazing. Thank you for uploading my pics and hosting the links.

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3:39 pm

My post of all the amazing wonderful art I got from people! Thank you guys so so much! All this art from you talented artists is the best keepsake I could have gotten from this con.
And forgive the comments, they are total fangirling. No intelligence at all ^^

First: The Peter collection:
Young Peter by WaccaCollapse )

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Saturday, October 15th, 2005
10:22 pm - Fanartists RoR!!!

So I finally got all of these scanned and resized. These are all of the challenge pieces (a character, a prop, a setting), and one of the round table sketches. Enjoy!

Er, mine seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Might have been consumed by fire or something *whistles innocently*

Fanartist Room of Requirement super-postCollapse )

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5:48 pm - So much loveliness... :D
sherant Yay, I got art at TWH! :B

share! share! share! >:D

Pansy by TbranchCollapse )

Harry and Draco by Ani_besterCollapse )

Igor Karkaroff by Halogirl8Collapse )

Harry/Draco by AndreannaCollapse )

Draco by marmaduke01Collapse )

Kingsley by TbranchCollapse )

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5:05 pm - gifts for meeee!

WOOHOO!!!!! I just realized I either got Lucius or Dobby.. fantastic :B

Lucius/Ron by WaccawheelsCollapse )
Lucius by SherantCollapse )
Dobby and a teddybear by NasubionnaCollapse )
Mermaid!Lucius by Scarah2Collapse )
Bathtime!Lucius with Dobby by Marmaduke01Collapse )
Lucius by ViolariumCollapse )
Lucius and skull by TbranchCollapse )
Lucius by Ani_bester> Lucius by Ani_bester <img src=Collapse )

and finally - one of our group pics we passed a long..
Jar of Lard and other things...Collapse )

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3:02 pm - Drawings by Wacca and Fiendling

Here are two beautiful drawings by some truly gracious and talented artists. I'm not the most talented scanner in the world, however, so I hope these are acceptable.

Harry and DracoCollapse )

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4:26 pm

what you've all been waiting for:

Do You Believe in Magic?: The Snunicorn Picture Gallery

Artists!  Please let me know if I have your name right and if you'd like your lj and/or website to be listed with your picture (don't forget to give me URLs if you do).  also, I didn't have the name of one of the artists, the one who drew the merry-go-round one, so if any of you know who she was, tell me. 

Thanks to all of you for playing along with my insanity and spread the word!  Snape-on-a-unicorn = LOVE!!!

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Friday, October 14th, 2005
3:55 pm - Fiend and smut are synonymous

Ok! So regarding the posting of smut art, it's been decided that it must be posted under friendslock. Therefore, if you wanna see the pr0n, you must be a member of this comm. Don't worry, there's no approval process or anything, you just need to join. Sorry for the inconvenience, I just really don't want to make people hesitant to post smut because it's public.

Also, updated the list of approving artists/writers. Yays!

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
11:43 pm - Oliver Wood by Glockgal
allnightstand I sat in line with teh_hpjeremy for three hours for this sketch, but holy moly is it hawt. o.o

Oliver Wood by Glockgal


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10:09 pm - Art Swag!

Pansy Art was the theme for TWH for me. Why should I have all the fun!

From waccawheels
WaccaCollapse )
From sherant
SherantCollapse )
From nasubionna
NaubionnaCollapse )

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10:41 pm - A sketch by Glock.
teh_hpjeremy I sat in line for about 3 hours to get this sketch but it was totally worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Without further ado, here is my sketch by the wonderful glockgal.

Ginny Weasley

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4:05 pm - I am, like, so loved.


By cathybites -- Jayne (Firefly)/Sirius BlackCollapse )

By bzzinglikeneon -- sleepy!HarryCollapse )

By nasubionna -- Ginny and Ron, triumphant)Collapse )

By anjenue -- Fred/George - FIC!Collapse )

By sarari -- James PotterCollapse )

By scarah2 -- Harry and RonCollapse )

By tbranch -- Batman and RobinCollapse )

By waccawheels -- Weasley twinsCollapse )

I have one more pr0ny artwork by nimori that I'm dying to show, but I want to make sure posting smutart is kosher with everyone first....

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